Imagination grows with Hubelino....


Imagination grows with Hubelino.

Since 2008, Hubelino has inspired the tinkerers and thinkers of tomorrow. All our products are 100% compatible with standard bricks offered by other manufacturers and are produced in Germany.
Based on the well-known plug-in modular system, our company founder Stefan Amels created product worlds which turn the existing children’s toy into an exciting and expandable construction toy. True to our mission statement “Imagination grows with Hubelino”, we want to inspire the inventors and thinkers of tomorrow to constantly broaden their horizons and create great things with clever ideas.


Made in Germany

As loyal and long-standing companions of the little master builders, inventors and thinkers, we bear a great responsibility and have to endure a lot. We are aware of this great responsibility and therefore produce all products exclusively in Germany. With our own production facilities in the immediate vicinity, we can meet our high quality standards and subject our high-quality products to extensive testing procedures.


100% compatible

All Hubelino products fit perfectly with the building blocks of other well-known manufacturers and thus optimally complement the existing stock of building blocks. Therefore, no new system has to be brought into the children’s room, but the existing system can be meaningfully and creatively expanded and is therefore used and played on for longer. In addition, all Hubelino products are part of the Hubelino system and thus compatible with modules from other manufacturers of the popular plug-in module system as well as with themselves. As a result, all Hubelino products can be expanded without limits and have an increasing degree of difficulty due to innovative extensions.

Hubelino stands for the system size for children up to 8 years and Hubelino pi for the system size for children from 8 years.


Pedagogical Value

With our products, the focus is on a balanced relationship between fun and learning effect. This is why the development of new products always focuses on learning content, such as a basic physical law, and clever design makes it a toy with pedagogical added value. With our high-quality toys we want to enable the inventors and thinkers of tomorrow to create great things and thereby make our contribution to the future.